Brian Cadd and Band

March 17, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 11:45 pm
Hahndorf Old Mill Hotel
98 Main St Hahndorf
$59 +bf

Brian Cadd has journeyed far and wide across 50 years of the music scene, a true Statesman
of songwri?ng and recording. Now he delivers his long awaited dream of releasing
his first Americana inspired album.
In 1966 Brian Cadd set out on a career that has made him an interna?onal songwri?ng
legend. Silver City takes his musical history and consolidates it into a remarkable journey.
The ?tle track is a rollicking country rock revisit of ‘Silver City Birthday
Celebra?on Day’, a song from Brian’s 1972 self-?tled album that was never released as a
single but s?ll found its way to high-rota?on radio airplay. The new ‘Silver City’ works as a
bookend to where Cadd began his solo career but the origins and inspira?on for Silver
City, the album go even further back than that.
With Silver City Brian is con?nuing a songwri?ng path that began when he first heard The
Band’s ‘Music from Big Pink’ in 1968 in the Easybeats’ London flat. That record recalibrated
his des?na?on as a songwriter. At the ?me his pop band The Groop was disbanding
and his new songwri?ng trajectory was about to take form through Axiom. Axiom became
Australia’s first country-rock group and Glenn Shorrock, who would later go on to form
Li? le River Band, was also a founding member. Silver City has another bookend moment
with the Cadd/Shorrock song ‘When It All Comes Down’.
Silver City is full of these historical links as Brian returns to the fer?le soil of his Nashville
past. In the early 90s Brian spent five years as a member of the legendary Flying Burrito
Brothers, the band founded by Gram Parsons in the 60s. His ?me in that band is represented
with a remake of ‘Eye Of A Hurricane’, co-wri? en by Flying Burrito members John
Beland and Gib Gilbeau. John Beland also co-wrote ‘Slow Walk’.

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